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CEO, Juve Salonspa

Rachel Delgado was born and raised in Memphis, TN and is super proud to call Memphis her home!
As far back as she can remember Rachel was fascinated by the beauty industry. That fascination even led to her first job selling cosmetics in a department store. While working in retail cosmetics, Rachel was recruited by a local salon owner, to start a cosmetics department at her salon . It did not take Rachel long to realize that she would do whatever it takes, to one day own her own business. This dream led a young, 23 year old, newlywed, to cosmetology school, where a class project to design her own salon, cemented the dream-ONE DAY I WILL OWN MY OWN SALON SPA!

Rachel took full advantage of working in an established successful salon. She performed every job possible, from sweeping floors, to making appointments and learning all she could. Rachel had great mentors and took every advantage offered, to learn about the salon business as she built her own great clientele. In 1995, when she was 28 years old, Rachel secured a $15,000.00 line of credit, and achieved her dream. She was in business for herself ! In 1999, Rachel bought a house around the corner from her location in the strip center. With the help of her two older brothers, who work in construction, she had the house zoned commercial and renovated into the thriving commercial space that it is today. Juve Salonspa has 21 employees and over 1.5 million in annual revenue. “My favorite thing about being an entrepreneur, is having an idea and working with my great team, to see that idea become a reality. The team at Juve are the ones that make Juve’s success possible”

When not styling hair or dealing with day-to-day challenges and opportunities of business ownership, Rachel can most likely be found in the company of her amazing kids, Ali,23 and twin sons, Jack and Nate,18.

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