Elyse Wigen

Founder, Prim Society

Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Elyse has a background in graphic and product design, and is a lifelong sewer and quilter. Before moving to Memphis and starting Prim Society in 2014, she worked as a product designer for Target, where she designed party and gift wrap items under Target’s owned-brand, Spritz.

Still a growing handmade business, Prim Society offers graphic design-inspired goods for kids and babies – aimed at bringing creative tools and artistic curiosity into the everyday play of little ones while delighting their design-minded parents. Products include Pantone-inspired teether toys, typography themed security blankets, and baby quilts with an abstract/modern aesthetic.

In addition to online, Elyse sells Prim Society products at local and national handmade markets, as well as wholesale to brick and mortar boutiques.

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